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Mission Possible, Mission On! - Matthew 28:16-20

Posted on: 18th December

In the Mission Impossible films and the series that spawned them, whenever the team was given a new mission the famous lines from the mysterious voice would warn: “In 30 seconds this recording will self-destruct!” and the infamous theme music would begin.

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Spirit Filled Church

Posted on: 23rd September

Love the Church? Looking for how the Church can be both bible based and open to the Spirit? This book is for you.

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Pete Hewlett

Posted on: Sunday 24th July

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No Services this Sunday

Posted on: 24th August

Jubilee are off to our annual weekend away with the Commission network of churches so there will be no services in Farnham or Bordon this Sunday. See you as normal on Sunday 4th September

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Referendum Reflection

Posted on: 30th June

As we finish studying the book of Philippians as a church, I though this was helpful from Terry Virgo....