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INvictUS Men’s Ministry

Get to know other men, learn, grow and have fun!

The INvictUS men’s ministry runs a variety of events. 

The INvictUS men’s ministry provides the men of Jubilee opportunities to gather together over a variety of events throughout the year. Whilst it’s great meeting at church each week, as a team we felt there was a real need for the men of the church to gather together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just be.

Some events are deliberately more social as we seek to provide opportunities build new friendships and get to know each other better. Others are centred around a mealtime, typically breakfast or dinner, where we can acquaint, chat and catch-up before listening to an inspiring talk from our annual series. This year’s series focusses upon ‘Leading in Life’ looking at how we firstly lead ourselves, before then leading others, in the workplace, in our homes and within the church.

Our vision is to allow the men of Jubilee to come together, form relationships in order to strengthen, support and encourage each other in our daily walks with Christ. So whether you are a regular at Jubilee or have never been before, come along and join with us as we delve deeper into God’s word together.

Events coming up:

Saturday 25th January


Wave goodbye to those mince pies walk! We are starting 2020 with a walk in the Surrey Hills. Come and join us for a time of fellowship, conversation and good exercise. Sign up now to let us know you are coming.

Sunday 8th March

Leading at Work 

3 questions:
1) Ever heard of the phrases ‘leading by example’ or ‘practice what you preach?’
2) If so is this something that comes easily to you, something you excel at?
3) Or do you start off with good intentions but somehow just keep falling short?
Well the fact is when we lead, at some point we all fall short. The good news is our maker did not suffer from this shortcoming or any for that matter, rather he was and is the perfect example of how to lead.
This event will see us continue with our Leading in Life Series.
Brought to us by our speaker Neil Newman, in his own words he says it’s about:
‘One mans journey in finding purpose, seeking out calling and striving for Godly motivation in the workplace.  I’ll explore what has impacted my work life deeply from both scripture and culture whilst shining the light on my misconceptions along the way.’
So why not join us for some good food, amongst friends, as we get to grips with Leading at Work.

Saturday 18th April


Our big social event of the year. A chance to discover that competitive spirit whilst navigating the river Thames. A scenic team building event, come and join us as we embrace the water, paddle downstream and tackle some team games. Spare clothes and a towel are highly recommended as staying dry will probably be unlikely!

Saturday 6th June

Leading at Home

Continuing our Leading in Life series, this breakfast talk is entitled ‘Leading at Home’.  Whether you are a family man of not, how can you lead yourself in the context of home? What does the Bible teach us about honouring our parents, training our children, being a son or father?  How can we thrive in these relationships?  Practical, honest and encouraging meeting over breakfast.

Saturday 18th July

Summer BBQ

Feast, Fun, Fellowship. Our Summer BBQ is a friendly environment where we can gather together and converse, then spend sometime reflecting on the first couple of talks in our Leading in Life Series. It matters not if you have been to all the INvictUS events or this is your first one, do come along as we would love to meet with you and get to know you better.

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