Our Leadership

Highly committed, strongly motivated.

We believe the church thrives with good and godly leadership throughout the church.

Some of our pastoral and ministry leaders are employed, but most serve as volunteers. We have an overall leadership team (the Bible calls these ‘Elders’) who oversee the whole church. In addition we have leadership teams in each site, a staff team, a trustee team and teams responsible for different ministries. We also have many excellent voluntary leaders who serve magnificently along with a multitude of volunteers.

We believe that our vision cannot be left to our staff team alone – so how can you get involved?.

Jubilee’s Senior Leadership Team – like the bible, we call them elders

[pillar_card type=”horizontal” image=”10961″ title=”Sean Gubb”]Sean has overall responsibility for Jubilee Church as lead elder and is a trustee.  Married to Hayley who heads up the Jubilee children’s ministry.  They have four boys, two who have flown the nest and are now married.  They also love to spend time as foster carers providing respite support.  Until recently Sean was a Director at Waverley Abbey House and currently a trustee of Farnham Christian Community Trust.[/pillar_card][pillar_card type=”horizontal” image=”10959″ title=”Ric Garvey”]Ric Garvey is a Pastor and Elder.  Ric is married to Lindy they have four children.  He works with Sean with special interest in our teaching programme while currently studying for PhD.[/pillar_card][pillar_card type=”horizontal” image=”10956″ title=”Nathan Smith-Rogers”]Nathan Smith Roger, is one our our elders.  Nathan is a Deputy Head Teacher, and also has a passion for worship and children’s ministry in the church.  He is married to Chrissy, who  leads our teams of worship leaders and together they have three kids who they adore![/pillar_card][pillar_card type=”horizontal” image=”10957″ title=”Neil Newman”]Neil Newman, is one of our elders and a trustee.  Neil works in IT in the pharmaceutical industry.  He has a passion to implement vision and be a bridge to the trustees.  He is married to Lesley and together they have three kids and are foster carers so welcome other children into their home too.[/pillar_card]

Staff Team – these are people employed by the church in specific areas of ministry who lead teams of volunteers

[pillar_card type=”horizontal” image=”2351″ title=”Hayley”]Hayley works two days a week as our Children’s and Family Coordinator.[/pillar_card][pillar_card type=”horizontal” title=”Ivane” image=”2607″]Ivane works four days per week heading up our BLAZE Sunday children’s ministry and midweek children’s club called The Den.[/pillar_card][pillar_card type=”horizontal” image=”2222″ title=”Sara”]Sara Maslen works two days per week and heads up our Youth Ministry.  Sara is also our Safeguarding Officer – for more information click here.  If you have any safeguarding questions contact her at sara@jubilee.church.[/pillar_card][pillar_card type=”horizontal” image=”2221″ title=”Leah”]Leah works two days per week as our Church Administrator.[/pillar_card][pillar_card type=”horizontal” image=”2220″ title=”Cheryl”]Cheryl works part time as our Finance Officer and supports the Jubilee trustee group.[/pillar_card]