Partnering with Other Churches

Doing all we can to work with others for the good of our town

Friends in Aldershot

In Jan 2020 Jubilee planted Hope Church in Aldershot.  The original group had been one of Jubilee’s site, but in a big step of faith Steve and Amber Delves and Simon and Lou Berger to start Hope Church.  They are dear friend and we plan to continue to do many things together in the years to come.

Farnham and the surrounding area have a rich heritage of Christians working together on projects that make a significant and positive difference in our community. Children, families, those in crisis or the elderly – these are all areas of need that mobilise Christians to work together to be a tangible expression of Jesus’ teachings.

For over a decade, Farnham Christian Community Trust (FCCT) has been a catalyst for collaborative working and in 2015 was re-engineered and revitalised to help Churches collaborate even more effectively. Working with most of the Farnham clergy and church leaders, it is the legal and charitable framework for many of the inter-church projects in the town. Jubilee supports various projects by seconding staff to work on different projects.

Sean Gubb chairs the FCCT trustee group drawing others from other churches and Andy Marriott and Juliet Green from Jubilee also service as trustees.

We are also taking our experience in Farnham, to work with churches in Bordon


A great inter-church collaborative project
Most churches are involved in various projects that come under the FCCT framework

Sean Gubb is a FCCT trustee